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The 2020 French Open is destined to leave a unique chapter in the history of tennis. A key battle considered to be the greatest player in the history of men’s tennis ended with the overwhelming victory of "the king of clay" Nadal. In the French Open men’s singles final that ended last night, Nadal swept Djokovic 6-0, 6-2, 7-5, and achieved an unprecedented 13th French Open championship with his 100th victory in the French Open. And to tie Federer's record of 20 Grand Slam men's singles titles.


In this year's French Open men's singles, Nadal's signing is not ideal, he is in the same half of the area as the new Co-US Open champion Tim. The climate change caused by the postponement of the French Open and the slowing of the ball speed have added unfavorable conditions for Nadal to win the title of Roland Garros again. "The conditions of the French Open this year have been the most difficult in my career in many aspects. , Preparation time and opportunities are also less than in previous years.” Because of the epidemic, this year's French Open only allowed players who had a match on that day to train at Roland Garros, which made Nadal even more uncomfortable, who was not comfortable with the venue conditions this year.

在今年的法国公开赛男单中,纳达尔的签约并不理想,他与新的美国公开赛冠军蒂姆处于同一个领域。法国公开赛推迟和球速下降造成的气候变化,为纳达尔再次获得罗兰·加洛斯的头衔增加了不利条件。 “今年法国公开赛的情况在很多方面是我职业生涯中最困难的。准备时间和机会也少于往年。”由于这一流行病,今年的法国公开赛只允许当天参加比赛的球员在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)进行训练,这使纳达尔更加不舒服,他们对今年的比赛场地条件不满意。

However, once on the field of Roland Garros, the Spanish superstar who has dominated the clay court for the past 15 years becomes unstoppable. Nadal reached the final with six games without losing a set. Since his first conquest of Roland Garros in 2005, Nadal has only tasted two defeats in this clay-court Grand Slam. They were a 3-1 loss to Soderling in the fourth round of 2009 and a quarter in 2015. The final lost to Djokovic 0 to 3. And this year, this confrontation, which was originally thought to be evenly matched, once again completely transformed into a stage where Nadal performed by himself. In the first set of yesterday's final, Nadal "delivered the egg" to the deal 6-0. This is the first time that the two men played a 6-0 single set score in 16 Grand Slam matches. Although Djokovic improved slightly in the next two sets, Nadal played 6-2, 7-5 consecutively with fewer turnovers and better offense, and he won the title for the 13th time in this field. .

然而,在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)球场上,过去15年一直统治红土球场的西班牙巨星变得势不可挡。纳达尔以六场比赛杀入决赛,但没有丢盘。自从2005年首次征服罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)以来,纳达尔在这场红土大满贯赛事中仅经历了两次失败。他们在2009年第四轮以3-1输给索德林,2015年以四分之一输给了决赛。决赛以0比3输给了德约科维奇。今年,这种原本认为势均力敌的对抗再次彻底改变了进入纳达尔自己表演的舞台。在昨天的决赛的第一盘中,纳达尔“送出鸡蛋”以6-0获胜。这是两人首次在16场大满贯比赛中打出6-0的单盘得分。尽管德约科维奇在接下来的两盘比赛中有所改善,但纳达尔连续打出6-2、7-5,失误少且进攻能力强,他在该领域排名第13位。 。

With this French Open champion, Nadal also tied Federer's record of 20 Grand Slams. When Nadal won his first Grand Slam at the French Open in 2005, Federer had won five Grand Slam titles and a 15-year chase kicked off. At the Australian Open in 2018, Federer increased his number of Grand Slam titles to 20, four times ahead of Nadal. The Spaniard finally caught up with Switzerland by winning the French Open in 2018, the French Open in 2019 and the US Open and this year's French Open four times. The footsteps of the king.


Another year the French Open has fallen, and the battle for the greatest male player in the history of men's tennis is even more suspenseful. Considering Nadal's five-year-old advantage and his absolute dominance on clay courts, it seems only a matter 亚博网站下载of time before the Spaniard surpasses Federer. Among the heroes, there is only sympathy. Immediately after Nadal won the championship, Federer wrote on social media: "I congratulate him on his 20th Grand Slam championship. He has now won the French Open an incredible 13 times, which is one of the greatest achievements in sports. I hope the number '20' is just another step in our journey."

法国网球公开赛又一年倒下了,争取男子网球历史上最伟大的男性球员的战斗更加悬念。考虑到纳达尔五年的优势以及他在红土场上的绝对优势,西班牙人超越费德勒似乎只是时间问题。在英雄中,只有同情。纳达尔赢得冠军后,费德勒立即在社交媒体上写道:“我祝贺他获得第20届大满贯冠军。他现在已经获得了令人难亚博新版以置信的13次法网冠军,这是体育界最伟大的成就之一。我希望这个数字“ 20亚博新版”只是我们旅程中的又一步。”

"This year has been a difficult year for everyone in the world. It is important for me to tie Federer's Grand Slam record, but winning Roland Garros has a different meaning." In Nadal's view, the French Open champion's own The meaning is even more special, "The story of my love with this city and this stadium is far from over." Although the battle for the greatest male player in history is still undecided, there is no doubt that Nadal is the king of clay. ,none of them.

“今年对世界上每个人来说都是艰难的一年。对我来说,追平费德勒的大满贯纪录很重要,但是赢得罗兰·加洛斯的意义就不同了。”在纳达尔看来,法国公开赛冠军本人的含义更为特殊:“我对这座城市和这座体育场的热爱故事还远远没有结束。”亚博网站下载尽管与历史上最伟大的男性球员的战斗仍未决定,但毫无疑问,纳达尔是红土之王。 ,没有一个。

"Every persistence is a transcendence, and conquest is the best proof of strength. Behind 100 wins is 15 years of hard work." The French Open officially sent praise to Roland Garros as the absolute king. The story of Nadal and Roland Garros will continue. The Spanish name will be integrated with this 130-year-old tennis event.

“每一个坚持都是超越,而征服是力量的最好证明。在100场胜利之后,是15年的努力。”法国公开赛正式向罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)表示了绝对的称赞。纳达尔和罗兰·加洛斯的故事将继续。这个有着130年历史的网球赛事将使用西班牙语这个名字。

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