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亚博新版|法网穆古鲁扎克服决胜盘0-3落后 长盘险胜进次轮
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亚博新版|法网穆古鲁扎克服决胜盘0-3落后 长盘险胜进次轮

  France, Paris-September 28, local time, the 2020 French Open entered the second match day. The former champion and No. 11 seed Muguruza narrowly defeated Slovenian Zedansek 7-5 4-6 8-6 through the decisive long game, and made it through the first round with difficulty.

法国当地时间巴黎-9月28日,2020年法国公开赛进入第二个比赛日。这位前冠军和11号种子穆古鲁扎(Muguruza)在决定性的漫长比赛中以7-5 4-6 8-6险些击败斯洛文尼亚Zedansek,并艰难地通过了第一轮比赛。

This matchup took place at the Simone Mathieu Stadium. The 2016 French Open winner overcame a 亚博网站下载0-3 deciding set and finally won after a fierce battle of 3 hours and 01 minutes. This became the sixth-longest match in this year's tour. .

这场比赛在西蒙·马蒂厄球场举行。 2016年法国公开赛冠军以3比0的比分战胜了0-3的决胜盘,并最终赢得了胜利。这成为今年巡回赛中第六长的比赛。 。

   So far, this is also the longest first round of the French Open Women's Singles. The original record was maintained by Begu and Teichman. On Sunday, the Romanian defeated his opponent 6-4 4-6 6-3 in two and a half hours.

到目前为止,这也是法国公开赛女单最长的第一轮比赛。原始记录由Begu和Teichman保留。周日,罗马尼亚人在两个半小时内以6-4 4-6 6-3击败了对手。

   Muguruza lost six games in a row after winning one set first and leading a break twice in the second set. He had to put in extra effort to keep his undefeated golden status in the first round of the French Open.


"It was a very difficult first-round matchup. She played well from the first set, so I knew I had to wait patiently for the opportunity," Muguruza said after the game. "I tried to stay calm until the opportunity came. Then take the initiative."

穆古鲁扎在赛后说:“这是一场非常艰难的首轮比赛。她从第一盘开始就表现出色,所以我知道我必须耐心等待机会。” “我试图保持冷静,直到机会来临。然后采取主动。”

   It didn't take long for the two sides to get into a tug-of-war with as many as nine ties. Muguruza surrendered his first serve on the seventh break point, and fell passive 0-3.


   The former world number one cheered up and won the initiative in five consecutive games. Although she lost her first serve to win the game and was chased to 5-5, she quickly got the second chance and finally grasped the third inventory, 7-5 first.


   Coming to the second set, the 15th-ranked Spanish star in the world took the lead in breaking serve after 1-1 and 3-3, but was immediately broken by a tenacious opponent on both occasions, never opening the gap.


   The two-time Grand Slam winner scored two more break points at 4-4. If they are honored, they will usher in a serve victory. However, the Slovenian managed to withstand the pressure to secure serve, and then completed today's fifth break, dragging his opponent into the decisive game.


"Two good players make a move, and in the end they always rely on details to determine success or failure," she added. "Especially in the first few rounds, there will always be unexpected things. Your feelings may not always be too good. Your opponent, she has outstanding performance and is as eager to win as you, you may just be out."

她补充说:“两个优秀的球员采取了行动,最终他们总是依靠细节来决定成败。” “特别是在前几轮比亚博新版赛中,总会出现意想不到的事情。你的感觉可能并不总是那么好。对手,她的表现出色,渴望和你一样赢,所以你可能会出局。”

   "There is no easy game to speak of, and you will not feel that you have a winning ticket, because everyone's level is really v亚博网站下载ery, very close."


   Zedan Sek has won the WTA 125K Boll championship in the past two years-this race is usually played in the second week of the French Open-with good clay court strength. She broke serve again in the decisive set and took a 3-0 lead.

泽丹·塞克(Zedan Sek)在过去两年中赢得了WTA 125K波尔锦标赛冠军-该比赛通常在法国公开赛的第二周进行,具有出色的红土场地实力。她在决定性的比赛中再次打破发球局,并以3-0领先。

   Muguruza refused to surrender the gun easily, and also returned the color for the next three rounds, and the game entered a white-hot stage. Zedansek saved three break points after 3-3, and one more after 5-5 to maintain the first mover advantage.

穆古鲁扎拒绝轻易投降枪支,并在接下来的三轮比赛中还给了颜色,比赛进入了白热化阶段。 Zedansek在3-3之后保存了三个破发点,在5-5之后保存了一个破发点,以保持先发优势。

   But after entering the long game, she was fatally broken with a 30-15 lead, and Muguruza finally ended the fight in the serve win.


   "It was a beautiful victory. You persisted until the end and won a difficult game. It felt pretty good," Muguruza concluded.


   "With such conditions and playing for so long, it is undoubtedly a test of physical fitness. But I am very happy. The first few rounds are always difficult."


   The two-time Grand Slam winner will face Czech artillery Pliskova in the next round, who swept Slovakia Kuzmova 6-1 6-2.

两届大满贯冠军将在下一轮面对捷克大炮普利斯科娃,后者以6-1 6-2横扫斯洛伐克库兹莫娃。



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