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【亚博网站下载】卓尔进驻大连赛区 董春雨:为保级而战 保卫大武汉
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【亚博网站下载】卓尔进驻大连赛区 董春雨:为保级而战 保卫大武汉

At 8:00 pm on October 12th, the Wuhan Zall team arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dalian, where they began to prepare for the second stage of the league relegation battle. The team will face the Henan Jianye team in the first leg at 3:30 pm on October 18.


On the afternoon of October 5th, the Wuhan Zall team reunited after a short National Day holiday and regrouped for training at the club base to prepare for the second stage of the league. After a week of training, the team flew to Dalian at 7:00 pm on the 12th. After arriving at the airport, the team immediately accepted a nucleic acid test.


In the first stage of the Suzhou Division, the Wuhan Zall team ranked fifth in Group B with 14 matches, 5 wins, 2 draws, 7 losses and 17 points. They failed to enter the championship group and then moved to the relegation group in the Dalian Division. Comparing the two-stage experience, Zall’s main goalkeeper Dong Chunyu said when he arrived at the hotel for an interview with the media, “Different from the Suzhou division, the atmosphere in the Dalian division is more tense. After all, every game is a relegation battle.”


The main central defender Liao Junjian was also asked this question. He said, "The Suzhou Division has been closed for a long time, so that our teammates understand better, communicate more timely, and cheer each other like family members to complete tasks.


Liao Junjian revealed that in the recent phase, the team focused on rehearsing offensive routines. "We mainly rehearsed offense during the offseason, because we scored too few goals in the last few games of the first stage. I hope we can make a breakthrough this time." Liao Junjian thinks that he cannot be underestimated. "Although Henan Jianye ranks relatively low, it is not weak in our opinion and has good foreign aid. We attach great importance to this opponent. No matter who the opponent is, we all Hope to win the game."

廖俊建透露,在最近阶段,该团队专注于演练进攻常规。 “我们主要在休赛期排练进攻,因为我们在第一阶段的最后几场比赛中进球很少。我希望这次能够取亚博网站下载得突破。”廖俊坚认为他不能被低估。 “尽管河南建业排名相对较低,但我们认为它并不弱小,并且拥有良好的外援。我们非常重视这个对手。无论对手是谁,我们都希望赢得这场比赛。”

Dong Chunyu has been training in the national football team at this stage, and he also shared some of his gains in the national team. "The national team arranged for us to learn the world's more advanced technical and tactical theory courses, and also conducted some practical training during the training. I I personally feel very good, with very clear ideas and intentions. The national team also arranged for us to watch the movie (the movie "Win the Championship"), which made me excited. I feel very proud and proud to be a Chinese. It is also me that I can play for the national team. The honor of a lifetime."

董春雨现阶段一直在国家足球队训练,他也分享了他在国家队的一些收获。 “国家队安排我们学习世界上更先进的技术和战术理论课程,并​​在培训过程中进行了一些实践训练。二个人感觉非常好,思路和意图很明确。国家队还安排了我们观看电影(电影“赢得冠军”)使我兴奋。我为成为中国人感到非常自豪和自豪。亚博网站下载我也可以为国家队效力。这是我一生的荣幸。”

In an interview, Dong Chunyu expressed very clearly the goal of this stage, that is, "fight for relegation, defend Wuhan, and do our best to fight every time."


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